Voter support for German political parties 2017–2021: A political data story on upcoming elections in a changing party landscape.

On 26 September 2021 Germany will hold its first general election since 2002 without Angela Merkel as a candidate to become prime minister. After 16 years (!) with the same prime minister (George W. Bush was still president of the United States when Merkel first took office) Germany is entering a new political era. Recent polls suggest indeed that the German party system is about to change after decades of two dominant political forces: CDU/CSU (centre-right) and SPD (centre-left). What is happening in German politics — known for its relative stability since 1949? Which impact had the COVID-19 pandemic?


Richard Schobess

PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science of Ghent University (Belgium). Main research interests: legislative studies and political behavior.

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