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About Richard Schobess

For the posts that I publish here I distinguish between three different categories. First of all, the posts may be 'research summaries'. These texts are summaries of specific peer reviewed studies from my own field of research. While I might have some expertise to summarise these high-quality studies, they often have a very narrow scope and can be less interesting for current debates in day-to-day politics. Second, I also post 'political data stories'. For articles under this category I apply political science research and methods (mostly data analyses) to examine aspects of currently relevant topics that may also be beyond my specific research focus (e.g. upcoming elections). These stories are mostly descriptive and based on publicly available data. Finally, I may also publish 'opinions'. As the name suggests, these articles are based on my individual values, personal experience, and - most importantly - my own arguments. If I publish stories under this category (I try to be sparse with it but sometimes there are also issues that I would like to discuss), I invite you to read these pieces as the initiation of a debate where you may want to develop your own (counter-)arguments.

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